Gas Furnace

After the rituals the body is kept in a movable trolley which places the body in the cremation platform in cremation furnace of the Gas Crematorium.

Combustion blowers are switched on and then the burners, in the cremation chambers, switched on to get the furnace temperature at about 700⁰C. By the movable trolley the body is placed upon the cremation platform in the cremation chamber. The cremation door is closed in the Gas Crematorium.

In the Gas Crematorium the body, is incinerate at the temperature of 700⁰C and the cremation gets completed in about 60 to 90 minutes maximum, depending upon the body size and other biological reasons.

The hazardous gas and other substances are piped out from cremation chamber and cleaned by wet scrubber with water treatment and finally the hot air is being discharged into the 100 feet height chimney.

The Crematorium system has the ash collecting tray to collect ash in a tray and remains for further customs.

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